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Pour mieux nous connaître...

Pour débuter, nous aimerions remercier tous les studios, danseurs, parents, familly et amis qui ont participés à notre première convention!  Chez SKB, nous sommes ici pour offrir des compétitions aborables et accessibles à travers du Canada. Nous promouvons une atmosphère amusante et envourageante pour tous. Notre compétition permet aux troupes l'occasion d'exhiber tout leur talents pendant la saison de compétition.

Ce que nous avons à offrir:

  • Catégories de danse, chant et théâtre/art dram.

  • Inscription en ligne, simple et rapide

  • Video Judge®

  • Sac "swag" pour directeurs 

  • Marchandise orginale

  • Juges éduqués avec beaucoup d'expérience

  • Ateliers avec les juges

La gang    d'SKB

Notre équipe est nées dans le petit village d'Iroquois Falls, en Ontario. Tous les trois ont commencé à danser avec l'école de danse Nancy Wasilik et ont continué avec Iroquois Falls School of Dance. Après avoir vécu dans de nombreuses villes et se diriger en différentes carrières, Stephanie, Brittnay et Kelly sont tous retournés à Iroquois Falls et ont officiellement commencé à travailler ensemble pour la troupe compétitif  Stage Stars en 2013. Aujourd'hui, ils travaillent tous ensemble au Step ' N Sound Dance Studio. Après avoir travaillé ensemble dans le monde de la danse pendant tant d'années, ils ont créer Stage Kraze & Beyond en tant que rêve collaboratif de danse.

Stephanie Delaurier

Stephanie has been training and performing for over 23 years in all disciplines of dance; both competitively and professionally. She has competed in Canada and the United States winning numerous awards and top scores for her dancing and choreography. Stephanie graduated from the Commercial Dance Program as Dance Captain at George Brown College in 2006 and since has performed with the Honeykats, Chrys Stylz Entertainment, Diana Viselli and many others in Toronto for various corporate and fundraising events including Canada Day Celebrations (Harbourfront Centre), Royal Canadian Yacht Club, fFida Dance Festival, PRIDE, Women in Dance and opened many Dance Ontario weekends. Stephanie has also danced the seas with Celebrity Cruise Lines as one of their Advanced Production Dancers where she previously trained in Nashville, Tennessee with Gary Musik Productions. She has visited L.A., San Francisco, Mexico, Panama, Hawaii, Alaska and British Columbia with her International Cast. Upon returning to Canada, she has worked with artists on stage and in music videos such as Addictiv (Just Breathe), Wyclef Jean, Praz, USS and Bonnie M.


Stephanie also has an experienced background in acting and vocal which make her very excited to be a part of Canada’s first Triple Threat Competition & Convention! With years of experience and knowledge shared over 100 studios, schools and programs around Ontario, Stephanie is excited to be bringing her contacts from around the world to Stage Kraze & Beyond!


“We have so much to offer the studios and their students! We believe in fun, education and hard work! We can’t wait to showcase our one-of-a-kind experience to everyone who attends!”


Stephanie currently owns her own dance studio in Iroquois Falls and understands the needs of the directors, teachers, students and parents.


“I am a product of the competition life! I began competition at the age of 10 and never left! Between competing and teaching and performing professionally… dance has been my entire life and I intend to dedicate every second to making sure our dancers experience the life-changing atmosphere and events as I did. It all helped shape me into the person I am today!”


Stephanie is overwhelmed with excitement for this year’s round of Stage Kraze & Beyond’s competitions and looks forward to continuing to share her passion for the performing arts with studios and dancers for years to come!

"When all else fails, just keep dancing!"


Brittnay Del Guidice

Dance has always been a big part of Brittnay's life. She started dancing at the age of 5 in her hometown of Iroquois Falls, ON. As a little girl she spent countless hours dancing and making mini-recitals for the members of her family at gatherings. As a tiny tot, Brittnay started in Tap and Jazz and stuck with those genres for 6 years. She eventually broadened her horizons by trying new genres and became a competitive dancer at the age of 13, competing in Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern and Contemporary. At that point, dance became an immense part of her life. 

Brittnay engaged in many workshops throughout the years. She got the opportunity to work with many big names in the dance industry, such as Chris Erk, Tara-Jean Popowich, Loic Mabanza, Mirhan Kirokosian and even Mia Michaels. Getting to even be in the same room as Mia Michaels was a huge honour, but getting to dance with her was a dream come true for Brittnay. With all the dance training, she finally put it to good use when she choreographed and taught for the Stage Stars Competition Team for 4 years. 

In 2016, Brittnay completed her Bachelor's Degree in English with a minor in Communications after spending 5 years of working on her post-secondary education in both Sudbury and Ottawa, Ontario. Although she loves the city, she came back to her roots to begin her career. Today, she is the Office Coordinator for the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce and she is the Office Manager for the Step 'N Sound Dance Studio, where she also teaches Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. Contemporary has been Brittnay's favourite dance genre since she was a teenager and she is so happy to be teaching it again.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."


Kelly-Ann Belanger

Kelly-Ann was born in Timmins, Ontario but raised in Iroquois Falls. She began dancing at the age of 3 with the Nancy Wasilik School of Dance and at the age of 8, joined the competitive dance team. Kelly spent many years competing in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre with the Iroquois Falls School of Dance. In 2008, she wanted a change of pace which is when she began her new dance chapter at the Northern Lights Dance Team in South Porcupine, ON. 

Over the years, Kelly won various Special Awards such as "Shining Star" "Happy Feet" and another for her "Winning Attitude" on stage. In addition to her success, she also taught dance for the Iroquois Falls School of dance and spent a lot of her time-off advancing her knowledge by taking workshops in many different cities from many different choreographers. 

At the tender age of 19, Kelly began her career in dental hygiene as a full-time hygienist. Above having a full-time job, Kelly has been teaching for the Step 'N Sound dance school and Stage Stars competition Team for 5 years. Her favourite discipline to perform and teach continues to be tap. 

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the soul is another."



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